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Fleet battles actually aren't all that much fun to watch because it's mostly zoomed out with little purple and red squares pew pewing each other and other squares warping in and out. Small gang combat is where the fun is. I still think one of the best pirate videos out there is the one Lyticus put together a while ago. It's mostly solo action, but it's still very, very good: (right click, save as)

For some smaller fleet combat, this is another one of my favourites: Cult of Cthulu - Good Rats. RIP Ioctl.

In addition, you can check out the video subforum of the official eve-o forums for tons of videos.

damnit, see now that is the kind of stuff I wanted to do. Thanks for the links kind sir, good production value and nice choice of music for most of it (heh offspring).

the vids were huge but worth it.
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