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Status: Looking for a guide ...
Status: Connected to guide: johnb
johnb: Welcome to ChaCha!
johnb: Hello
You: hi john
You: you don't mind me calling you john do you?
johnb: No
You: cool thanks john
You: it's just.... I feel in order to ask you about what I'm going to ask you about I have to have a bit of a ... you know - like a friendship connection
johnb: Explain search as stop morning glory
You: yes do you know what I mean by morning glory?
johnb: That is no problem. I think you are referring to the flag
johnb: in some respect
You: the flag?
You: you've lost me....
johnb: The American Flag is referred to as morning glory
You: oh right
You: no I'm sorry I don't mean that
You: it's slightly embarassing though
You: I'm presuming you are male john?
johnb: Explain
johnb: yes
You: ok cool
You: well you know when you wake up in the morning
You: like early in the morning
johnb: Continue, perhaps I can help you
You: and the wee guy has got up before you
You: that happens to me all the time
johnb: I wake up early
You: I want to stop that
You: I don't think you understand me so I'm going to be blunt
johnb: I can help you if you are referring to a medical condition
You: yes it might be a medical condition
johnb: ok.
You: basically every morning I wake up with a stiffy
You: I don't like it. my lover does but he's a bit of a sex pest you know
You: anyway I would like to stop that
johnb: These types of searches are beyond my expertise; I will refer yo to another.
johnb: Thanks for using ChaCha! I hope you had a great search experience!
johnb: Thank you for using ChaCha!
Status: Session ended.
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