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Ugh, sorry I couldn't make it this time guys, I really suck balls but besides that..

I know its a long way off, but the most miraculous fucking christmas present was given to me today in the form of news that Boredoms are playing at the Crystal the first day of spring, 3/20/08. I've been waitng 5 years for this, so if there ever were a time I would be anywhere, this would be it. Does anyone else like Boredoms? I will head up a meet for this myself, including any kind of restaurant deal beforehand, not to mention I will buy an ounce for the occasion, because this is a once in a lifetime event! Anyone interested?

ps it is established I am a huge stoner, but thats not where I was that night, I had to cover for the 20 year old girl who should not have been working alone who got robbed that night. Who the fuck robs a Subway thats across the street from the federal building

seriously though.. we have to meet up for this. This is big enough that I will probably go to the Seattle show the next day, so if anyone wants to do a Seattle meet also that will most likely be a reality. And I thought the snow was the best thing that would happen to me tonight!
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