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Originally Posted by nik
im not in the US.. im in the middle east. most of my driving was on roads with traffic and stuff. the thing is... im not ovrly familiar with the gears and im scared of getting a good bike only to cause major damage to it by shifting improperly or getting distracted while tryint to figure out the gears and slamming into something. are there bikes with shift indicators? or is it possible to fit them into a bike?

edit: by shift indicators i mean an indication which gear it is in...

oooooooo okay. Don't worry about shifting gears on the me it's much easier than doing it in a car.

The only shift indicators I know of are made by a company called Data Tool in the UK. There are probably others, but they seem to be the most popular. Most bikes don't have shift indicators, but do have a green light telling you when it's in neutral.
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