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I've been seriously considering learning to ride a bike, I have a problem thou.. I'm 6'2 and 350ish.

I don't want a crotch rocket, but i don't want a full out harley like cruiser.

any reccomendations? *yes, i've started a diet/work out routine, but still*

Little info for ya.

I'm 26. I act 45, mostly
Less then a year ago I lost a friend to a 900rr and a tree.
I'm dead serious about being straight on a bike, no monkey business for me.
I plan on taking the safety courses, and my buddy rides and is willing to teach *he has a mid 80's ninja *i think, its black and the stickers are gone*

This may be the bike fanboy in me speaking, or maybe Kawaski managed to make a god among bikes, about a KLR650? It has gobs of torque, a very simple one-cylinder "thumper" engine, a top speed of ~100mph, a perfectly upright stance, and a solid look.

Imagine what a car would be like if it had the styling of a Humvee; the suspension, clearance, and performance of a Jeep; the gas mileage of a Prius; the maintainability and community support of a 350 small block; and a Saturn's purported resistance to dents. That is the KLR in motorcycle form.

On that note, as a single-cylinder vehicle owner, I laugh at Prius owners. They are unenlightened. Everyone (particularly those concerned about the environment) should own a motorcycle for fair day travel, and a normal car (covered wagon) for errands and rainy days.

Why it is hardcore:

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