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M60 with ACOG...

L33T, haven't seen you in ages. You have your Class III, correct? Not sure if they make a dem-mil'd Semi M60. I doubt it, but I wanted to ask. I've been on the fence for a while about applying just to have the option to buy something crazy. Any impingement of "ur' freedums" since you've had it? ATF ever bugged you?

NICE ass setup man.

That's an M249 upper on a Mac-11 lower. You can get an M60 parts kit but I don't know anyone who makes semi receivers. It's that whole "shitload of work to make one because semi auto guns can't be open bolt" issue.

The relationship with the BATFE is what you make of it and how big of a dick you local investigator is. Sometimes they make huge deals out of nothing and you just have to grin and say OK. Sometimes they're in a hurry and don't give you any issues if you leave them alone. For example a dealer in Texas had the BATFE investigator flip shit over selling stripped AR lowers. He ended up putting a sign up saying stripped lowers were for repairing complete rifles and not building new rifles. It was his investigators fucked up view of the law, which would never have stood up in court but the dealer didn't have the resources to drag it into a court battle since he would probably have been shut down, had his license suspended and put out of business for the duration of the case. I don't blame him one bit.
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