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Once in a blue moon I link stories of open carry idiots parading around town and morons who target practice in their own back yard killing neighbors.

These are things that should strike any intelligent person as dumb, and transcend your brainwashing about liberty/gun maker profits. The sad part is that category 4 recruit bullet stoppers like Bflaps feel obliged to defend these idiots who give all gun owners a bad name. Take that as you will. Common sense shouldn't work as trolling, but here we are

Seriously though, Haxor you've left sanity far behind, long ago. Are you rich? I'm thinking no. Look at that tiny trailer bedroom A minifridge? Nice. I picture you eating like shit and driving an old truck - all so that someone at Springfield Armory can live the opposite lifestyle. And you can taste these imaginary tears. Are you married? My guess is "no" but if you are I feel sorry for your spouse. Take a trip somewhere. See something interesting. Don't sperg all your pennies on useless junk that you maybe get to brag about online once a year, with the shittiest picture I've seen since 2002. How old is that camera?

You're not doing all this on foodstamps, are you?

Guns are awesome, if you disagree kill yourself with a knife. -POVRayMan
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