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Any questions I may have had about how ASCN affords so many outposts are now answered.

We are not ASCN, we are Axiom Empire. Our alliances are allied, but NOT the same thing. We fund all of our own stuff (AXE as a whole), and both the outposts deployed in impass in the last few months were EOG's exclusively. All of EOG came together to make the mins and isk for the OP's ourselves.

As far as I understand it, our alliances goal is to create a real 0.0 'empire' in impass. Our corp focuses on cooperation and freedom rather than rules or corp fees. If we need to mine we all mine, if we need to fight we all fight. All of us who live in impass anyway (like 90% of the corp).
I guess someone high up in goonfleet pissed someone high up in ASCN/AXE and we wardecced the goons too, but we generally don't get involved in others wars. I personally have no quarrel with the goons, and as such have not gotten involved in the fighting. I would however follow an order to attack them.
If you come into our space without permission you will be met with resistance. Ganksquads don't do well in our space, and usually die or move on to greener pastures quickly.

Keep in mind I was offline for a month so I'm still catching up on whats going on. I missed Eve

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