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im soooo close to flying hacs.. gonna get a zealot, except im about 120 million short

that, and were not allowed to use our spiffy ships for the boob campaign. not like id want to fly around in that thing with all these fuckers around anyways. i need to find some place where i can get rich with my main during this whole mess, and then just let our highly skilled communist "mercs" do the fighting...

I miss my zealot. I had one about a year ago, but while I was training for t2 lasers, I lost it in a mission (noob mistake). After that, I swore I'd never fly a hac again because of the ridiculous price. It was an amazing ship while it lasted though.

I love my killmail whoring jaguar - it's my favourite t2 ship atm - it's such a fun ship to fly. Out of the nearly 100 kills with the one ship (still haven't lost it, knock on wood), I have a 95%+ podding ratio.
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