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Didn't see anyone dispute the claim that F-14s are all gone... which isn't true. There are still active squadrons but they are quickly being phased out. Should all be gone by 2007, but there are still active ones now.

No, F-22's were never meant for carriers, too large for arrested landing, Air Force only, the JSF is basically a smaller version of the F-22, same engine but only one instead of two on the F-22. F-22 is to replace F-15 in Air Force, F-35 JSF to assist F-18 in Strike/fighter role and allow F-18s to also replace the EA-6B Prowler in their electronic warfare role with the F-18 G (Growler). JSF first squadrons due around 2011. I'm hoping to be get my wings on the F-18 in 2009, fly them for a few years and be in line to switch over to JSF... they are pure sex.
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