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second ancestory test to confirm the results of the first one (My wife didn't like the results of the first one, 89% English, 11% other European countries)

was she hoping there would be a few shots of nlgger, sasquatch and chink cum mixed in over the years or what? What was she hoping for?

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But not really at the same time because it's all my money anyway.

if it's your money, it's Christmas every day of the year. Buy what the fuck you want, whenever you want it bro.

EDIT: and my mom said she got me one of those DNA kits too but apparently she couldn't quite find where she had put when I was home for Christmas. I have no idea why she got me one since both her and my dad already did it so it isn't like anything is going to be different after I spit in a cup. I wonder what would happen if someone went down on a hooker before spitting in one of those ancestry mail kits?

fake edit:
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