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My wife got me a p-nice growler, some stuff to hang behind the bar when we build it. I got us a chandelier for the new house, the same one we have at our current house but bigger and matching lights/sconces for the dining room and formal living room.

My mom got me a popcorn maker for the theater room when I build that and my brother got me some gourmet popcorn and seasonings.

My sister got us alcohol and a gift card.

Tired of having Christmas on the road, though. I tried telling everyone that this is the last year we're spending the day in a car driving to everyone's fucking houses; it's hard on us and our daughter. Next year I want our daughter to be able to play with her toys all day, my mom and brother will drive to us and we'll stay at our place all day. We'll do Christmas with everyone else on another weekend unless they feel like driving to our place, and they won't, so they can have Christmas without us. We've done this shit forever and I'm goddamn tired of it -- they never come to us, for any holiday, so fuck 'em. The roads go both ways, I don't know why we always have the be the ones that sacrifice our day to drive to them.
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