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Status: Connected to guide: shannons
shannons: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: Hi Shannons
shannons: Hi how are you tonight?
You: Are there multiple people named Shannon talking to me now?
shannons: lol nope just one
You: Anyway, I think I might have dihydrogen monoxide poisoning
You: A friend of mine said I should be worried about it
shannons: ok
You: I'm wondering what symptoms there are
shannons: ok let me find a few results for you
shannons: Are these results sufficient?
You: is there anything about treating it?
shannons: ok let me try to find that.
You: Thanks
shannons: I appreciate your patience while I find exactly what you need.
You: Thank you Shannons
shannons: Nothing is coming up as far as an actual treatment. Just step to prevent it.
You: Oh no
You: So I'm doomed?
shannons: I'm looking at some more sites
You: Thanks, I'm really starting to worry
shannons: i'm looking up the definition of the intake of that chemicle
You: Oh my, that last link has something about Nazi Germany using it
shannons: yes
shannons: Are these results sufficient?
You: I feel light-headed... I must go now
shannons: ok thank you for searching with chacha
You: Thanks Shannons, you all have been of some help to me
shannons: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Status: Session ended.


Dihydrogen Monoxide
Results by: Shannon S. On: 11/10/2006 In: Recreation > Humor

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