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and if you want to do a tv in parts, go projector

2000 is going to get you in the low end of wants. So like a budget or possibly mid range 65". That can get you a good projector and screen to almost any size you want. What I posted above was for a 30 horizontal viewing angle. THX states the theoretical maximum horizontal view angle is 40. That would be a 105" screen

projectors have a lot of limitations, which is why it's not a good choice for casual TV viewing. First off you need a special room. they are worse than dlp or plasma for light. Since the entire room is between the source and the viewing surface, literally ALL other light sources wash out/alter the image.

So for dedicated viewing in a dark room a projector is good. For a party where people move around and socialize while watching TV, it isn't. Or for watching TV during the day in a normal house that has windows - unless you want to be the weirdo with permadrawn heavy curtains 24/7.

usually people do both - they have a nice large flatscreen TV for every day, and a projector for parties and special events where many people are viewing. Larger screen isn't always better - for one individual you can easily control distance. As everyone knows sitting too far from a small screen or too close to a huge one is bad and uncomfortable. So there's that sweet range of perfection. You can hit that with a 60" sitting 8 feet away, or 100" sitting 20 feet away, or a 26" sitting at a desk.

i have a projector - i never really use it though. i plan to use it more in my room where I have a sloped ceiling. When i moved in I scraped the popcorn off and it's perfectly flat and white now. If i lay in bed it makes a perfect screen. I should post some pics when i do it. Ive already tried it without any permanent wiring and it works really well.
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