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Yeah, curved seems unnecessary with the possible viewing angles on modern screens. It seems like curving the screen like they do would actually reduce the possible viewing angle from the side. I'm not sure why it's even a thing other than as a gimmick.
It's there because the vast majority of people who buy huge ass screens don't actually have a lot of room to put them in. So, when you sit fucking 4' from a 78" screen you can't see it all unless the wrap it around you a little. At least, that's my take.
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projectors have a lot of limitations, which is why it's not a good choice for casual TV viewing. First off you need a special room. they are worse than dlp or plasma for light. Since the entire room is between the source and the viewing surface, literally ALL other light sources wash out/alter the image.

So for dedicated viewing in a dark room a projector is good. For a party where people move around and socialize while watching TV, it isn't. Or for watching TV during the day in a normal house that has windows - unless you want to be the weirdo with permadrawn heavy curtains 24/7.

usually people do both - they have a nice large flatscreen TV for every day, and a projector for parties and special events where many people are viewing. Larger screen isn't always better - for one individual you can easily control distance. As everyone knows sitting too far from a small screen or too close to a huge one is bad and uncomfortable. So there's that sweet range of perfection. You can hit that with a 60" sitting 8 feet away, or 100" sitting 20 feet away, or a 26" sitting at a desk.

i have a projector - i never really use it though. i plan to use it more in my room where I have a sloped ceiling. When i moved in I scraped the popcorn off and it's perfectly flat and white now. If i lay in bed it makes a perfect screen. I should post some pics when i do it. Ive already tried it without any permanent wiring and it works really well.
I wonder with some of the newer very short throw projectors coming out if there's a possibility of DIY rear projection set. I'd take a really nice DLP projector and a self-made RP screen over a shit LCD if it were doable. Fuck, I'd build a fake wall in the front three feet of my room to do it just to keep the goddamn ugly ass projector off my ceiling. Unfortunately, it's a little hard to do an acoustically transparent RP and put the speakers behind it...for obvious reasons. Which would limit the size I could use to that minus the L/C/R channels, but....
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