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Had the first dyno pulls post-break-in today at low boost (13 PSI). I data logged the whole thing, and will be analyzing and refining the tune. For today, it's pig rich up top (I pegged their rich-o-meter at 9:1 from about 5k on), and a little lean in the middle (it's at 16:1 from about 2.5k-3k RPM, yikes). All in all, I'm happy.

1) If I lean the high end out to about 11:1, I can net 20-30HP.
2) these turbos pull hard straight to redline.
3) I'm maxing my MAF readings pretty badly. Solution.
4) I need to spend some more time trying to zero in on the right flow/latency values for the injectors to get that lean spot out of the middle.

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Daddy needs a boost controller.
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