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Originally Posted by ViriiK
Again still facts of what they were estimating after what happened at Iwo Jima..
Yes. I am not arguing they did not estimate those figures. I am arguing it is an estimate
Uhh first of all.. The Japanese People before they surrendered view their Emperor as their "God" and had we captured him in the invasion of Japan, they would have fought for him and even committed "Seppuku" had he not publish his broadcast that the Empire of Japan was surrendering. That they must listen to him and surrender unconditionally.
Several years after that he told the people of Japan that he was not a "God".. Facts again
You really are slower than usual today (if that is possible). You just keep on regurgitating this shit over and over again thinking its witty banter when it has absogoddamnlutely nothing to do with anything. The only thing remarkable in your little paragraph is you actually manage to spell seppuku.
The problem is you argue japanese people would have fought to the last man, TO THE DEATH. When they DIDNT. You propose a scenario where they die fighting or disemboweling themselves, WHICH THEY DIDNT. The emperor (according to his own words) surrendered beacuse he did not want to see himself inflicting so much suffering on his own people. You seem to suggest him realising this is only because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is an assumption based on nothing more than the sheer destruction these 2 bombs made, and you compare it to a scenario based on estimates, that did not happen.

Facts is what they are.. You want to play it another way with your communist views..
Yeah yeah fascist
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