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People also tend to conveniently forget (or gloss over) the fact that America did not "usher in the Atomic age" It was started in Germany...they had weapons in the works far more advanced than anything the US and allies had at the time...and they passed the research on to the Japanese near the fall of Berlin. Given the astounding speed which Japan went from a Feudal agrarian society to adopting western ideas to become an industrial you really think we had much time to allow them to develop atomic weapons of their own? I agree that nukes should never be used again but just consider Germany or Japan being the first to strike back during WW2.

Oh I'm in agreeance that if an atomic bomb was going to be dropped, the US dropping it on Japan was a good a place as any, meaning that if anyone dropped it anywhere as a military objective there would be the same morals to ponder and we would be here debating whether or not it was a good choice.

The point I was making that you quoted above however dealt with response, which is what governments often struggle with after they have been attacked. What response is reasonable and what response is unreasonable? If Hiroshima and Nagasaki was attacked as a response to Pearl Harbour I think most of us will agree that it was an unreasonable response.

As it has been mentioned already however, it was a more complicated issue. There was a lot more riding on Fat Man and Little Boy then the response of Pearl Harbour.
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