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I think the better car analogy is any car that is used for anything other than its designed purpose. This is something I'm trying to eloquently piece together as a retort to the argument that a gun is designed for 1 thing only. This is sort of my rough draft

An SUV with 1 person in it. Ban it.
A truck not hauling anything in the bed. Ban it.
Most importantly any car designed to go fast. Ferrari, Lambo, Impreza, Civic R, Enzo, M3, R8, S4, Mustang, Camero, Charger, etc. Ban them! And ban the show top gear for encouraging lawless behavior!

Those vehicles are designed for 1 thing and 1 thing only. To break the law.
Oh they're used for something other than breaking the speed limit you say? How interesting.
My gun has not only never been used to commit a crime, it can actually be used as a deterrent to crime.
Can anyone say that about a Corvette? Can anyone pick up a corvette and hit a rapist with it?
You're going to take it to the track one day? Yeah sure, just like I'm going back to war with my guns. At least I may actually have a use for my gun one day in legal self defense whereas you will never be able to legally use your muscle car to its full potential on any regular old day

I read an article posted by a doctor about how he treated a kid one time who had been shot in the face because he was fucking around with a shotgun and the piece was meant to really tug at heart strings and he was so torn up about it. I wonder how many teenagers he's tried to put back together because of speed related crashes in their brand new mustangs that they were negligently driving and abusing their driving privileges.
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