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I'm far less concerned about how good BF3 turns out looking and more how interactive the envrioment is. Bad Company 2 is tremendous fun with its "limited" destruction features and I expect BF3 to multiply those features exponentially. I want to be able to shred materials with light arms fire and completely level city blocks with AFV's and explosives. I'm talking about being able to write my name in a car door or make a small hole in a concrete wall right where I want it to peek and fire through. None of this pre-modeled "hit this block x amount of times to chip off this predetermined chunk in this spot" or the exact same flattened building foundations everywhere you find in BC2. Red Faction did terrain destruction really well from what I recall. The nuke launcher was a venerable tunneling machine when you had "god mode" turned on. Of course terrain destruction on that scale can really change the face of a map to the point of breaking it, but I can dream (slugging the opposing team's airfield with so much ordnance that they can't use it, dropping a high-rise across a choke point so that they spend the next half of the game shelling it just to try to get out of their spawn, etc).
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