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Also, EA appears to be segregating the content by region already with the announcement of the "Physical Warfare Pack" for a couple of UK retailers. 4 extras like AP flechette 12Ga ammo, DAO-12, Chinese LMG, etc. They haven't announced what other regions will get, but one of the devs was twatting about each pack being exclusive to the region you buy it in so no unlocking or buying the content later somehow. This will not go over well unless they're just trying to drum up publicity by stirring up the fans, which doesn't make any sense in actuality.
Why EA took the better part of a month to "clarify" the details about this pack is beyond me, but I sense that they've done a bit of back-pedaling after hearing what the BF community thought of region/retailer specific content. The "Physical Warfare Pack" is now a "timed exclusive" and will be available "at a later date to all owners of BF3" if you don't get it from the pre-order.
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