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Come hither Sancho Panza, I have need of my Lance
Alright, here is the first tally for those interested. Please note, if you said "Mostly X with a little bit of Y" then I marked you as X. If you said "Between X and Y" then I assumed that you are 50% of each and so I marked you in the X-Y catagory. If you said "I vary between X, Y, and Z" then I put you in Y. If you said something beyond the A to F catagories I marked you as Other.Those G and X descriptions are weak at best, nothing more than Atheists in fancy sweater-vests if you ask me. I guess they are trying to be unique and beautiful snowflakes.

Anyway. I'll update and confirm the count in a few pages.

A = Traditionally Religious (4)
A - B = Traditional/Moderate (4)
B = Moderately Religious (3)
B - C = Moderate/Spiritual (0)
C = Spiritual Person (3)
C - D = Spiritual/Believer (1)
D = Believer in Something (4)
D - E = Believer/Agnostic (0)
E = Agnotic Outlook (4)
E - F = Agnostic/Atheist (5)
F = Atheist Confirmed (5)
Other (3)

Over all there seem to be less moderate or middle road types in Genmay, we are either traditional and devout or else Agnotics and Atheists, with a slight leaning toward the low end of the spectrum.

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