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Originally Posted by kindred
Although they had a nuclear program, they didnt focus their efforts on it as much as they did biological weapons as evidenced by their use in China. Bioweapons they knew for a certainty, nuclear weapons were still theoretical at the time. FACT. Before calling me an ignorant fuck. Go do some research first.

You are an ignorant fuck so just STFU. Everybody knows about their bio-weapons program, talking about it is like talking about Hitlerís V2 program. Research is exactly why I am calling you an ignorant fuck, so do some yourself shit for brains. All indications are that Japan actually detonated a nuclear device. That they were trying to avoid surrender because they knew they could manufacture a nuclear weapon, but that in the end they just plain ran out of time. What they didnít know was that the US had used up all of its nuclear weapons. Had Japan known that we didnít have any more nuclear bombs they would have never surrendered. They simply were not aware that we were playing an old fashioned American game of poker, had they called our bluff things today would be a hell of a lot different.

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