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Originally Posted by RuHo
most of the civilized world understood around the time Rocky IV came out that calling people communist isn't really all that insulting, but you just keep on going at it. And hey the fact that I think you are a brain defective big eared fucking retard of course automatically states I agree 100% with Schmuck on everything.
Good work again. Lets hope theres a new 9/11 and you die in it
And you still continue to defend Schmuck as if he's your new hero because he engages in purely retarded rhetoric claiming he's an "intellectual" which in fact it obvious that he isn't. Just pulls shit out of his ass and you defend him for that because I actually attack him on it.

Meanwhile Communism should never be attempted again in our life because it is responsible for more than 100 Million Deaths and idiots like Schmuck still wants it back even if it means having a Stalin-type bastard as the new leader. Death to the Bourgeoisie!

Whereas you reduce yourself to stupid ad-hominems trying to attack my character which is plainly ridiculious. Which you fail to accurately debate because of that simple reason.
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