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I don't mind the kc, I post in there from time to time but the members of the kc as well as the majority of genmay are retards, myself included. The website's funny and all the Rick Astley shit basically came from the kc. I wasn't discriminating against the kc especially, but in the main when people get kc'd they act more retarded than usual because there are no consequences, ie no bans, thread locks, no mods, well mcovey's a mod but he just fucks around like the rest of the kc.

Meh, what I have noticed is that most banned members don't even post in the KC. There are a lot of gold access members that post there though, like Poutine, Joe, 'possum, and muskiwolf. There aren't that many true 's in there though. I can't really say that there are ANY. I mean, if you post, someone will 99% reply "semi-sanely." There are people, like 'BERT and Konny that pretend and or are gay and it makes me laugh because you don't see that here in the main forum. They will still read threads and reply to them instead of saying, "shit thread, b7, , etc." which is what sets the KC apart from the main forum.
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