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Spent yesterday putting dash and gauges together.

Started out with a blank 1932 Ford Dash panel....and picked up a stewart warner gauged panel to go with my stewart warner gauges. Had to make it all fit, and make sure it was even. Spent 3 hours of measuring, centering, remeasuring, measuring again, finding new ways to measure, and measure that, then remeasure everything 6 more times before I got the balls to start cutting.

Gauges in the dash - ended up just cutting holes for the gauges in the dash, then using the brackets for the gauges to hold everything together on the back side.

Dash panel wouldn't fit in dash with gauges due to the stock model A gas tank and gauge panel. I actually feel really bad about doing this, especially after it was done because it was a REALLY nice tank. somewhere a stock model A collector is crying.

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