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I already have a "truck", its a 92 4x4 4runner and she's my dont give a shit what it looks like mobile, I love it but I'm gonna have to get rid of it soon since it gets a measly 15mpg highway.

I just want something nice, and I agree about all sport bikes looking mostly the same, which is why I tried something a little out of the ordinary, I've seen flat black bikes, it's been done, but I don't think I've ever really seen a flat red bike done nicely.

You've done a great job, don't stop now. And I posted that to fuck with [L]imp|Off.

Originally Posted by :cool: dude
I also met Elvira in person on a movie she was in that I was a production assistant on. She was ultra nice, and asked if I was able to get a break and eat lunch. I didn't want to tell her the things I did to her pictures when I was young.

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