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why do these even exist

is there a legitimate use for them besides looking cool at the range

bgh doesn't count

Smith and Wesson was bought by a British company in the late 80s. They changed the way the company made firearms. Cheapened production and released some real turds. They released the sigma and stopped pinning the barrels on their revolvers. The icing on the cake was when they made a deal with the Clintons to help keep their guns out of kids and felons hands and ultimately included the "Hillary hole" on all their revolvers.

People hated what S&W had become in the 90s and this deal was tantamount to sleeping with the enemy. Furious, people very quickly stopped buying S&W products. They were nearly put out of business until they were sold back to a US company in 2001 that makes hammer safeties. The new US owners apologized for the dipshittedness of the previous owners and then rebuilt both the R&D and manufacturing to the pre-british standards. People were somewhat cautious about buying S&W again but that changed when S&W started pumping out new designs like the X-Frame in the new .500 S&W and a few years later the M&P in S&W's favorite auto caliber.

So to answer your question, they exist as a statement to the shooting public that the previous decade of shitty british ownership punctuated by low cap civilian mags, shitty manufacturing, horrible warranty support and the "we hate you" attitude was officially over. Specifically it said "Let's burn this motherfucker down!" which the shooting public ate up. Turns out they're fun to shoot and are killer hunting calibers.
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