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You need to tell her you need your own time. My wife (girlfriend at the time) used to get mad when I went out and stayed out a little later than I said I would and we both came to the conclusion that when I go out with my friends I'm not sure what time I'll be home but it will be sometime after I leave the house to 5AM. She understands and knows I'm not doing anything wrong (cheating, fighting, stealing, etc...) and I give her the same respect when she goes out with her friends.

Also taking her out with me occasionally when I go out with my friends has helped too (if your friends are cool with you bringing your woman of course)

Obviously your wife doesn't completely trust you and it's understandable to a point because most women have this thought their man will cheat on them. To that I don't know what to suggest because my wife knows I won't cheat on her as much as I know I won't. It might be something you need to develop more because usually telling someone "I promise I don't do _____" simply doesn't work.

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