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Roy L Lennigan of the DEA
Originally Posted by keer sucking gewk
kids can... thats a fact... no way i want my kid to get high and then get addicted

see, its parents like you that are holding back progress in this nation (drugwise); ignorant of the facts. by the time your kid could be subjected to stuff like pot, he should have a pretty good idea on whether or not he wants to get into that stuff. though of course with the kind of parenting you probably gave him, he'll probably be pretty immature. but keeping marijuana illegal is definately not going to keep the drug away from your kid. if it was legalized now there would be an increase of use, but it would go back to normal in a short amount of time.

please, next time you try and make a statement about something, read up on the facts first. and by facts i dont mean conservative propaganda . like it or not, most responsible drug users know a lot more about substance abuse in general than the average middle-aged parent.
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