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Thanks for the suggestions. I've got a lot to go on.

Have you two ever showered together? If not, would she?
Nope, I'll ask her tomorrow.

First of all, how sexually experienced is she? It sounds like you're her first, which honestly means it might take more than 6 months for her to get comfortable with everything. Sorry, but those are the facts of life.
I'm her first. We're both 18.

is she a Catholic?
No, but her mother is very condescending when ever she talks her. "Don't eat that, you'll get fat!"

Oh, and hi sn33k. My, they grow up so fast.

Also, I honestly dont know what girl doesn't want to take care of her pubic hair unless she's too overweight, or is too self concious of her body for some reason (weight, leg attributes, stomach) to wear a bikini bottom, so I assume she's in one of those two catagories.
She is probably skinnier than me and looks great in a bikini. This is why I don't understand why she doesn't want to do it.
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