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Trouble Ticket (helpdesk) Software Recommendations?

I am sure there are people here familiar with this type of software. I however, I am not, and can't seem to find what I want.

I do tech support for my department at school, and have gotten sick of the fact that people can't just email me with a description of the problem. So, the department chair and I decided that we should setup a ticketing system, and only reply to properly filled out requests through that.

Today I took the time to get php and mySQL setup and working today, and was planning on just buying phpsupporttickets, but their damn site is broken and you can't actually purchase anything from them right now (nor have they bothered to respond to my emails).

So, does anybody know of anything else out there that offers basic trouble ticket functionality? I really don't need much, just the ability to use an external SMTP server (the university's) for mailed me about new requests, and ideally the ability to have it email different people depending on the category of request (or at least the ability to assign different techs to different tickets). Most everything I have found includes waaaaaaaay more functionality that I don't need. I just want something that forces the users to actually describe the problem, and keeps track of everything (thus keeping them from calling my cell phone all the time - I don't get paid enough for that shit).

Something that is platform independant would be nice (PHP etc) since our linux webserver is ancient and a pain to update since its such an old kernel version. Thus I have been using our much newer fileserver to run the program that I found which was free, but it turned out to suck.
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