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Fundumental difference between the working class parents and the upper class, apparently. The latter end up with self-actualized children who learn to think on their own, using the processes learned from their parents. The former, working class parents, are traditionally more authority-minded, far less likely to offer rationalle beyond "because I said so" or "because I have XX years on this planet" So I'm guessing your dad was a blue collar kind of guy?

The difference is if you just tell the child not to do something, they can't apply that logic anywhere else. If you tell them WHY, then they can apply that logic elsewhere, when you are not present. There's a lot more to it but i don't feel like typing My dad, who passed away when i was 9 (taught physics at a U) was the educator, while my step-dad in the US was more of the "because I said so, don't make me hit you" kind of person. He didn't even finish HS afaik, and was a general contractor for like 35 years.

it's a question of morality more than upper-class vs working-class in this regard. i know many working-class parents without that 'aspirational' tendencies that can raise their kids in ways providing rationale behind their actions, while more nouveau riche parents of upper-classes tend to ignore or fail to understand the importance in presenting behavioral logic.
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