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suck a dick. they finally listened to the market share and realized desktop users were not interested in being forced to learn a new way to do all the things htey were already used to doing for a minimal processing performenace gain.

welcome to the real world.

if IOS suddenly changed the entire nature of the way you use it overnight with no option to revert to the old way without a third party program, people would be pissed off at apple too.

learn from your mistakes.

touch screen is fine for phones and tablets and even touch screen laptops, if you want to use them that way.

but fucking over your core userbase by trying to force them into something they don't want is fucking arrogant and stupid and I only hope MS has realized their terrible, TERRIBLE, mistake and done the horrific thing of giving users a choice in interface...

cause they can't rely on third parties to fix their forever/
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