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About to be hypocritical here... Too much pain, too much over the top shit talking. We push people away.

Pmid was in a bad place when he left here, he also stopped participating in our fb chat. Again probably trying to distance himself from depressed shitty people who he met thru M.

You guys going in on Sanjay is funny on one level but take a step back and think about it for a minute... this is a father, a husband w a family and responsibilitie. his professional, private life are being discussed in an insane and cruel manner. What did he really do to wrong any of you? What did TuT, tex, lilms or any of these "infamous" genmayers do to deserve this kind of hate?

Why did they leave? Why the fuck are any of us still here is the question. Even if youre not the target of the hate, or dishing it out, its not healthy to wallow in it. Good for them for moving on.

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Because anonymous bullying is

And if you say you never partook in any of it, we all know you're a liar. And a whiny bitch-niggah.

See? How easy it is? It's just the mantra here. Carried over from [H], and the members/former-members here knew full-well what they were getting into. "Consider yourself warned"

And, as far as "moving on"? You make it sound like ppl don't have lives outside of this forum. We all have families (I do, at least), as well as responsibilities to them, Housework, spending time with family, career, traveling/vacationing, etc. And yet, I still manage to come back here and post on a recreational lvl. But so do some old-schoolers. I just seem to do it more-often.
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