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750 microseconds or 75 milliseconds

Sounds pretty reasonable. I use a pintel style injector and that runs at 1.0ms. If you have a disc style it could very well be faster.
The stock value, in decimal, is 75. If it were in microseconds, that would be very, very fast.

also, 750 microseconds = .75 milliseconds.

edit: regardless, I'm going to try the stock value, since deatschwerks are really just stockers with bored nozzles. Right now, I'm at a flow value of 175, latency of 90, based on some intel I received from a tuner (this put me pig rich at the top). I'll drop back to 75 and drop the flow value down to 140 (stock flow value is 288, double the flow is 144, mine are actually a little bigger than that, static pressure tests put them at 750cc/min at 43PSI of fuel pressure). Just reinstalling windows on my tuning computer now.
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