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If my excessive rage offended you so be it.
I haven't raged on anyone here for a while, my name is not even TUT RAGE!!! anymore.
Couple that with the fact you are a newcomer and you need to be initiated.
Also some here feel that this new wave of posters have brought dishonor and a shameful display to this fine establishment.

Well on that last point you have to admit they were at least 80% right, and no i wasn't offended per se i enjoy a good banter as much as anyone or I wouldnt keep going with it
[QUOTE=GhEttOrAiD;25509339]glass isn't going to stop until the whole userbase is driven away[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=The Unflushable Turd;25485427]Also maybe its because i'm a piece of shit and i don't deserve happiness or whatever balalalal hueuheuhuehueuheuhuehue[/QUOTE]
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