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I trace pumpkins with stencils and carve them with bullets, yes rly.
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Arthur James Balfour - Theism and Humanism; critical analysis of naturalism (I haven't actually read this, but I have read "Foundations of Belief," the book before it. They're both about the same thing, but "Foundations" is out of print, so I have to recommend this instead.)

C.S. Lewis - The Four Loves; examination of the four types of human love, as described by the Greeks -- "storge" (affection), "philia" (friendship), "eros" (sexual/romantic love) and "agape" (selfless love/love of God). He argues that all the other loves depend on agape love to reach their full potential.
"And then in step 4, I hypnotize you with my teeth and you send me money!"

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