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Originally Posted by TheJesus
God damn, I want to get one, but my parents would fucking flip.

I have a question though, I'm a big motherfucker, and whenever I have tried just sizing myself on smaller bikes, I have found myself hunching over uncomfortably. I'm 6'1" and 245ish pounds, so I am wondering what kind of beginning beginning beginning bike would be good for me.
Originally Posted by ph00ny
what about people that are way too tall/big to be riding in small bikes?
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If size is an issue you'll probably need a sub-1000cc cruiser of some sort. My dad has a Suzuki Volusia 800, for instance, and it's very friendly and manageable. It might be a little heavy, but if you're too big for the bikes above then a little weight shouldn't be an issue. The advantage of cruisers is the HUGE array of accessories for them; you can stretch out with highway bars, add floorboards etc etc.

Other good options in this category are older Yamaha Virago's and Honda Magna's.
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