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As much joy as I use to find in 'hating' on you Ghettoraid; it was always in jest and indeed in alignment to the forum as a whole. There was always a community to this forum, even as we gave each other far too much shit. That no longer exists, the shit remains but it seems without the community.

I've had my fair share of shitbox cars and lost causes; hell my 240 was a trainwreck at first but was anything but by the end. The CoupeGT was a mess when I got it and got better but my heart just wasn't in that car... point is, some will dog you for history, but lessons are learned and people grow. I like what you're doing and would like to see more of the car and what is going on. It is sad that there are some shitheads here that ruin the influx of content purely for the sake of it.

Keep posting about the car man, I know I'm not alone in appreciating it -- if some usual suspects here can't find it in themselves to grow up a bit, we'll take the content elsewhere.... just like what happened with [H]ard|Forums.
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