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How about he stops being a hateful and he sticks to plumbing the depths of his boyfriends asshole instead of reading me the riot act for spending MY hard earned money the way I want to...

I'm not allowed to spend a lot on the intial purchase price

I'm not allowed to spend money improving a car I bought for a reasonable price....

I have no idea what this clown actually drives and quite frankly I don't care.

Jackass , just cause I show some interest in your ride doesn't mean I'm hating on you. Stop being so god damn sensitive you mangina. I've defended you in the past... like I said before, you're being to damn paranoid. Fuck the haters and post more pics, but since you haven't been able to do that I may just have to take a little trip up to the bay and stake out that new drivetrain for my own project:

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