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Coolant setup from looking at that picture brings back nightmares from working on my old XR4Ti. Damn thing had lines going in and out of the block all over the place, and the pressure cap was on the overflow tank, with the radiator not having a proper cap. It was retarded. Makes me appreciate just how damn simple it is under the hood of my Civic Si.

Speaking of which, I need to install new motor mount inserts before it starts getting cold. I kinda tore one a little bit more while staying with my buddy's Cobb stage 2 WRX on a recent drive. He's not the worlds greatest driver, and I'm most definitely NOT trying to say my civic can stay with that car in a straight line, but he had to work for it and I definitely can get the jump on him from a roll though. I think he's gonna blow it up, he set his rev limiter for 8k, I'm not sure how good those factory Subaru oil pumps are at high rpm.
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