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I :heart: bacon!

if there's one thing i absolutely LOVE to eat, it's cured pork.

so for lunch today i made myself a little BLT

first i got all the ingredients together.

instead of boring, plain mayonnaise i opted for some wasabi & horseradish aioli.

next, lettuce and tomato. i'm allergic to tomato so i made sure to cut really big slices.

then came the best part.... THE MOTHERFUCKIN' BACON and my baby was complete.

at that point i just had to be in a picture with my masterpiece. (that's my cool gang hand-sign. we be hardcore out here in the woods)

also for verification:

i motherfuckin' bacon. any man in his right mind should.... shit got me hard as a rock

anyone else share my love for tasty pork products?

plz discuss
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