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i guess i'm just pissed that, once again, shit from Control Panel is fucked around with. SOME things are where they used to be, others are in the new, HIDEOUS windows 10 Settings screen. another thing that pisses me off is i'd like to rollback to 8.1. THAT ALONE was a reason i checked it out- they said it would be a couple clicks to go back to my PREVIOUS operating system. but guess what? first... the link to go back isn't there. not surprised. THEN, when i navigate further, it wants me to rollback to windows 7! WTF. yeah- the computer ORIGINALLY had windows 7 and then i updated to 8.1. shouldn't i be able to go back to 8.1? NOPE. thank god i only have windows 10 on my laptop cuz really i just have some essentials on there and that's it. i'd appreciate if they left old shit where the fuck it was but yeah, go ahead and give me some 'new' way to get to it. but please leave shit the way it was. it's like it's becoming windows dumb. 7 was awesome and then they fucked around and butchered windows with win8. 8.1 was cool cuz by then i relearned fucking windows. i understand more all the time how apple fanatics just stick with apple- cuz apple build UPON previous version... they don't just slapchop shit all over the fucking place thinking it will somehow be innovative. i do look forward to the new shit coming down the pipes for windows 10 but jesus fuck m$ needs better consistency. and also win10 looks fucking stupid. looks like tacky Adobe air shit
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