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There are ways to attach accessories to a gun without a shroud.

If you guys are going to ridicule some old lady about shrouds and then insist they must remain legal because of accessories and pretend thre's no other way... I have to at least play devil's advocate.

I really don't care about shrouds personally, but automatics are illegal and high ROF heat is really the main point of a shroud. In war they don't put them on MGs so that they can also mount a flashlight or a laser sight...

I never argued anything of the sort.

but why should my existing rail mount system, which also serves as a barrel shroud, become illegal in your perfect world? and it wouldn't be a misdemeanor, you fags would make it a felony because even the libfags have to act tough on crime... ESPECIALLY GUN CRIME...

because labeling me a felon and making manufacturers make AR-15s without barrel shrouds is going to stop all those murders and mass shootings?

do you realize how ridiculous you are or do you just have a massive amount of cognitive dissonance going on?
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