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I'd probably go for the first one loler posted. UN65H7150.

unless you want curved + 4k for a couple hundred more:

If I were shopping for a TV right now, I'd probably go for something like this:

The 8000 series is usually the price/performance nexus between the lower priced models and the crazy high end units. Also, for the paranoid, the model I would get needs a separate accessory to enable the voice and motion control so there is no built in 'spy" function.

Curved isnt worth it IMO

Friend agreed yesterday, was choosing between a Sony 4k 65 for $2k and Samsung 4k curved 65 for $2800 at best buy. The curve helps you see one side from an angle, but makes the other worse. A bit pointless. It's supposed to work like toeing speakers inwards except light and sound are different - when you position yourself more off-axis with the nearest speaker, you're balancing it's proximity against being on-axis with the far speaker (nearest looking away fro you, furthest looking at you). Line of sight and speed of light don't give a shit about dB levels though. Sound decays at a rate of -6dB for every doubling of distance, light does not. I hope that makes sense.
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