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guess you're right! Dunno why I thought of it like that, I mean, I do have an ecoboost F-150 afterall lol. I guess it would be right there with the '98 escort I had for 2 years, just sold it a month ago, 32mpg was about max for that thing, sucks because we could get 34 out of the v6 Accord we have before that.

TBH a one lliter does seem strange when you read it, but they're just getting a lot more out of smaller and smaller packages these days. Well, at least some are. There's still a huge market for the 'no substitute for cubes' crowd. It amuses me to remember my 2.0L four banger is actually a quicker car than a lot of the bubbas in their 5.7 HEMI charger next to me at a stoplight. Whatever floats your boat Jethro. Better floor that thing and get back to your trailer before your last tooth falls out,,,
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