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Originally Posted by TheJesus
Also, I need to know how much my insurance would be on one of these things, as an 18 year old male.

Private insurane will be pretty expensive Your best bet is probably to just get liability and assume all damages to your your own bike out of pocket. The best thing to do is start calling around and getting quotes.

The V-Strom is in a class of bike called "Sport Adventure Touring"....which basically means it's made to do lots of highway, but isn't afraid of a few gravel/dirt roads. There's a nice little review on it here:

To get that 650 though you'l have to buy either brand new or a year old I think. It used to only come with the 1000cc engine.

Additionally, you COULD buy riser handlebars and lower rearsets for that sv650 that would let you stretch out a bit. It would still be more than enough motor for you.
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