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Yeah they sure did.

And the Holocaust happened 60 years ago.

Somalia 20 years ago.

Care to tell me what fucking difference it makes when murder and genocide happen?

Condemn the act for the act itself. But certainly do not turn a blind eye to the acts your predecessors committed.

Watch how much shit you heap upon assholes who are being dicks NOW, .Be damned sure you aren't part of a similar legacy.

Pointing out that some group (or groups) are being genocidal assholes is pretty god damn hypocritical, so is arm chair quarter backing.

Isis, Israel, HAMAS, just enacting a pardigm of killing based on their beliefs, and calling them out for their beliefs is a dick move, when we are no different than they are.

Get pissed with the people doing the act itself and do something about it.

We all have a history of dick ideology.
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