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fcuking w00t! 600GB raid5 goodness!! (pics)

it worked. after 28 hours of ghosting drive images my 6 drive WD1200JB RAID5 array is complete!

used ghost2003 this time and it doubled the speed. dont know if it was because of 2003 or because of the new controller/array but oh well, it only took 8 hours this time.

yes thats a shitload of drives packed in there, used all available bays (minus the bottom one since its stupidly occupied by the cases usb ports)

a cabling nightmare but theres little choice

everything back together and ready to go

600GB of usable space!!!!!!! (approximately)

controller used is the 3ware 7850 (7500-8)
just have to install the monitoring software and i should be set for good
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